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Virtual charity run

On May 1st our fundraising run for supporting our partner schools in Dunoon started. The goal was to reach 13,000 km together with all of you by May 31. This 13’000 km were symbolically chosen for the approximate geographical distance between Liechtenstein and Cape Town. We were well aware that this was an ambitious goal, but we strongly believed that we could do it! Because many things often seem impossible until someone has done it.

At the end of May we can proudly say that we even exceeded our goal!

Thanks to the many participants, we managed to run and bike over 15’000 km and generated an incredible donation amount of CHF 2’861!

We are incredibly grateful and proud of everyone who participated in May to support our partner schools! It has been proven once again that we can achieve a lot by doing it together.

As a first step, we will now use part of the donations for the infrastructure project at Zama Educare. The school has no sanitary facilities and therefore we will use the donations to equip the school with two toilets and two lavabos.



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