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Pitter Patter



Our partner schools are located in Dunoon, a township near Cape Town. Due to the poor social situation, there is an urgent need for educational facilities for the children in Dunoon to get them off the streets. The few schools that exist struggle with poor infrastructure conditions, a lack of school materials and non-existent hygiene standards. We look for schools that have exactly these problems and get in touch with them and visit them in Dunoon to get to know the principals and their stories.


Together, we look at the challenges and make a plan as to how and when the renovation can take place and within what framework it should be implemented.

We accompany our partner schools on their way to public registration by creating the necessary school infrastructure and building a home for the principals and their families.


We are currently working with two schools:



I am Chantel and I have lived in Dunoon since I was 18 years old. In 2016 I founded Pitter Patter Educare. With Pitter Patter, I want to avoid children being on the streets and having to grow up the same way I did back then. However, I quickly realized that these children need much more than just a safe place to stay. I completed a pedagogical training to teach the children and to be a surrogate mom to them.

My purpose is to have a lasting positive impact on the children’s life. I am in constant exchange with the parents to stay updated about their troubles and life situation as well. I also desire to have a positive impact on the Dunoon community.I have made this my mission in life.

I have made this my life's mission.




I am Thulani and I opened Zama Educare in January 2011 with only one child.  At that time, I was only using my own room. Over time, I took care of more than 25 children, and the Office of Social Development asked me to enroll and complete trainings. I decided to go back to school and learn more about early childhood development. I completed my courses at the College of Cape Town up to level 5. The reason why I decided to take care of these little angels is because of the way I grew up myself. I don’t want these children to have to experience a difficult childhood.

Currently I have 4 teachers, 1 cook and 50 children coming to my school every day. Until today I do not receive any financial support and I survive with the help of other colleagues or Educare Centers.

The reason why I decided to take care of these little angels is because of the way I grew up myself. I don't want these children to experience a difficult childhood.

I am willing to take any risk as long as it enables me to help them.

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