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Reconstruction of Zama Educare

The reconstruction of our partner school Zama Educare finally started at the beginning of October. Irina was still in Dunoon at the beginning of September and discussed the final adjustments for the renovation with the site manager Chief and the principal Thulani before it finally started two weeks later. A lot has happened since then. Thulani's little house has been demolished and the walls of the lower floor have been built as well as the first toilets. In addition, the floor of the second floor has already been concreted. Everything is going according to plan and the entire Saam Education team will be in South Africa in mid-December to help with the renovation in person.

11. October:

The first steel girders were laid in the floor to provide the basis for stable and strong walls later on. It's incredible to see how things are progressing step by step!

26. October

The first walls go up. And the first rooms for the toilets on the first floor are being built!

9. November:

Construction work continues apace - the shell of the first floor has already been completed this week. The second floor is now going up!

14. December:

This week (almost) the whole Saam team was on site in Dunoon at our partner schools & we were able to visit the construction site of Zama Educare. The construction is going according to plan & the building will offer much more space for the kids!

2. January: The second floor is plastered and the first coat of paint can soon be applied.



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