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I opened Zama Educare in January 2011 with only one child. The woman that brought her child to me was very happy the way I looked after her child. She spread her satisfaction with other mothers in the neighborhood and soon I took care of more and more children. I was only using my room by then. Soon I took care of more than 25 children and Department of Social Development told me to register and do lots of trainings. I decided to go back to school and study more about early childhood development. I completed my courses at College of Cape Town until Level 5.

I have 4 teachers, 1 cooker, and 50 children coming to my school every day. Until today I didn’t get any funding and I am surviving with the help from other colleagues or Educare centers.

The reasons why I decided to look after these Angles is the way I grew up. It was not easy at all. I had to alcoholic parents who did fight a lot in front of me and my siblings. I don’t want those kids to feel the pain I had to feel in my childhood. I will take any risk as long as I will be saving them.


My main problem is the space, meaning, I don’t have enough classrooms for all the children. I take care of babies and children between 1 and 6 years. But now I had to squash all the different age groups in one classroom, which I feel is not right.

I also used to cook breakfast and lunch for the children, however since the pandemic I am not able to do that anymore as I have nothing. The parents are also struggling to pay the school fees because their work is so badly paid. The children come to school with empty stomach and they can’t concentrate and fall asleep. This is painful to me as a principal as I don’t have the means to change the situation and help them.

On average, 50 children are attending the school monthly. Zama Educare serves the lowest income earners and charges a monthly school fee of 500 ZAR (approx. 35 CHF) per child. With each fee, Zama Educare is able to cook a warm meal for each child and to pay the teacher’s salaries. However, due to Covid-19, many parents have lost their jobs and can no longer afford these school fees and as a result, they are forced to take their children out of school.