August – October 2021:

In August we started our second big project with Pitter Patter Educare. Around 60% of schools in Africa do not have any sanitation facilities. This is also the case for Pitter Patter. The children have to sit on a pot outside in the hallway. It has a smell of urine and hardly any hygiene standards could be maintained. Therefore, our second project focused on establishing sanitation standards.

We tackled this challenge by installing two toilets in the back of one classroom. First, we demolished the back walls and concreted them new. Then, we installed the connectors and pipes for the toilets. Finally, the toilets have been mounted and the walls have been painted in a friendly light blue color. We had to manage material delays and worker rotations. However, thanks to our amazing teamwork and collaboration, we were able to master all the challenges and can proudly say today: Project completed!

Even the health inspector was very impressed with everything. He asked Chantelle when this all happened as he still remembered the small classroom. «Now the room seems even bigger», he added on. Also, Chantelle told us that the kids love the toilets: «They are going every 5 minutes. Our toilet routine is also much better and more structured. »

Thanks to your support we had an incredible budget of 4000.- CHF! BAIE DANKIE!


September 2021:

On Saturday, we were given the opportunity to set up our own booth at the Future Masters in Bad Ragaz. The whole day we shared our story and mission with all the participants of the golf tournament.

Thanks to many generous donors we were able to collect over 3’000 CHF! It was an amazing experience! We were able to benefit from amazing inputs, individual experiences, and interesting conversations! We would like to take this opportunity to thank all once again for the support and belief in us and our mission. The donation will be used to start our first sanitation project at Pitter Patter!


July 2021:

As you may know, South Africa is on the opposite hemisphere, which means that the cold and wet winter months begin when summer starts in our part of the world. Although winter is known in South Africa, many children in Dunoon do not have enough warm winter clothes, hence, often get cold and sick.

At the wish of Pitter Patter, we have launched an initiative to collect blankets and provide children with warm clothes. Everyone had the opportunity to donate old clothes or blankets to us, which we now have sent to Cape Town via freight.

Thanks to all of you, we were extremely successful! We were able to collect around 30kg of clothes and blankets for the children of Pitter Patter! 

Also, we are more than happy to receive donations of clothing throughout the year. Feel free to contact us via email or social media if you would like to donate some of your children’s old clothes.


March 2021:

Chantelle and Irina launched the first donation campaign for the infrastructure project of Pitter Patter. The goal of the project was to rebuild the main entrance area of the school to create a more enclosed and quiet space.

Your generosity enabled us to collect about 1000,- CHF within less than two months and push the project further !! — What an achievement !

Your donations enabled us to build a wall in the entrance hall. Thanks to you it can no longer rain in, and the children now have a protected and quiet space, which also allows them to focus more effectively.