Sanitation standards at zama educare

july 2022 – first infrastructure project at Zama

After the charity run in May, we discussed with the principal Thulani of our partner school Zama Educare about how we could best support the school with the collected donations as a first step. As with Pitter Patter, Zama also had no sanitary facilities, so it quickly became apparent that we were going to use some of the donations to tackle this need.

Thulani suggested where the toilets could best be installed and then a quote was obtained from a contractor in Cape Town. At the beginning of July the construction work started and 2 weeks later three toilets and the doors were installed. Thus, the first step towards “a hygienic basic infrastructure for the school” has been made! In total, the project ended up costing us CHF 2’040 and the expenses have more than paid for themselves. Thulani and the children are overjoyed and so are we!

Thulani and the children of Zama are overjoyed and so are we! By installing toilets, we can promote the health of the children and ultimately help them to learn better in a comfortable environment.