graduation gifts


When Chantelle and Irina were talking about a potential graduation gift for the kids in December, Chantelle mentioned something heartbreaking: “Most parents are not able to buy their kids shoes – they need to walk barefoot during summer and winter”. The risk of injury is very high and in winter the children can easily get sick and freeze. Chantelle experienced the same when she was little, therefore, her idea was to buy the children a pair of shoes for their new school chapter.


We want to light the way! In South Africa, there is a certain type of shoe that the children wear to school.

We intend to give each child a pair of these shoes for their graduation at Pitter Patter Educare. We want to help them have a smooth transition and start into their school careers.



Space is an asset that is becoming increasingly rare. Our partner school Pitter Patter Educare is also struggling with this problem. The number of children attending Pitter Patter is growing. However, the current infrastructure of the school does not allow for the creation of additional classrooms.


Therefore we will build a so-called “Nutec Home” on top of the existing school. Nutec is a man-made cement fiber board and has a number of characteristics that are perfect for such an infrastructure project!