Due to the already existing connections of Irina in South Africa, it is possible for us to directly approach potential partner schools and to initiate a partnership. All of our partner schools are based in rather unpleasant socio-economic regions in South Africa, hence, they are lacking an environment conductive to learning. With the project donations our main goal is to improve the school infrastructure of our partner schools, thus create a safe and supportive learning environment for the children. In dialogue we seek to design new project ideas to address targeted infrastructure problems and develop solutions. Each school has its own infrastructure challenges and it is extremely crucial that they feel understood and know that together we will develop a workable solution. For us, this is the key to maintaining an intensive and trustworthy partnership in the long term.

Also, unfortunately many parents lack the financial means to pay the school fees of their children. Thus, the children must stay at home or play on the streets. To tackle this issue, we offer you the great possibility to become a godparent! We aim to support as many children as possible by finding them godparents, who cover their monthly school fees. Join us in offering a better future to these children.

To guarantee complete transparency in the usage of your project donations, we proudly share all our milestones in our success stories to show you the impact we are creating together thanks to your support. We can hardly wait to start more impactful projects with your help

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