— Irina — When I first traveled to South Africa in 2016, I had no clue what impact the country and its people would have on me and my future life. I had the chance to experience the country as a tourist, a student, and as a volunteer. In 2018 I was working as a volunteer in a daycare and aftercare school in Dunoon, a district close to Cape Town. These insights have changed all my views on access to education. In contrast to my education history and the schools I was allowed to visit, these children sat in containers or on the floor. There was hardly any learning material available and basic things like pens and paper were missing. Teachers did not know how and what to actually teach the children. But what hurt me the most is that many of the parents are not able to send their children to school because they do not have the money to pay the monthly fees as they too had grown up without an educational foundation and mostly have to go to work for underpaid jobs.

After talking to some of the school principals and hearing their perspectives and the problems they are facing, I decided that even though I cannot help directly on site, I will do everything in my power to provide these children with an opportunity for a fair basic education.

My story takes place in South Africa, but this problem exists all over the African continent. It shows the world’s youngest population, and therefore also the largest future working class. Unfortunately, it also shows the highest rates of education exclusion. Over 20 percent of children between 6 and 11 are not attending school, followed by 33 percent between 12 and 14. Thus, these kids face significant barriers to accessing, and completing primary school. Again, there is a desperate need for education as many children still grow up in unpleasant socio-economic regions and do not have the opportunity to receive a basic education.

Many factors account for this situation but with Saam Education, we aim to mainly tackle the following two:  (1) the limited household incomes, which restrict children’s access to education, and (2) the lack of government investments to accomplish equal access to basic education


We work relentlessly to guarantee complete transparency in the usage of our donations by providing both financial and social impact reports on our projects. By presenting sustainable and progressive solutions, our projects aim to achieve the highest education-supportive impact on a schools’ needs.



Saam Education is a small and trustworthy NGO that ensures high reliability and transparency to its partner schools and donors.

Our Team is composed of the European and South African Team. The European Team is in charge of strategic planning, fundraising activities, and providing transparency to our donors. The South African Team consists of locally-based school principals who are on-site to implement the outcomes of the projects.

We are a team of highly engaged, motivated, and social-oriented people who aim to create a long-lasting impact. Although we have diverse educational, professional, and cultural backgrounds, we have one thing in common: We aim to offer children the opportunity to receive a basic education in a safe learning environment, allowing them to shape their own future. Saam Education is the foundation to put this mission into action.

Irina Schreiber


When I was interacting with the children on a daily basis, they unconsciously changed my perception of life. With Saam I express my gratitude to them by changing their lives in a positive and sustainable way. I believe with Saam Education everyone has the opportunity to believe in a world where every child has the chance to enjoy a basic education.

Gianna Gilardi


When Irina first told me about Pitter Patter, it touched me emotionally very strongly! It was immediately clear to me that I wanted to help create a positive impact on the children and schools in South Africa. With Saam Education we can contribute a little bit to make education possible for children and so we can influence their future positively.

Mauro Gilardi


When I first heard about the campaigns Saam Education is doing for schools in South Africa, I knew right away that I want to become part of this team to help create a better future for children. I realized how lucky I am with our educational possibilities and that this is not to be taken for granted. When the suggestion came to create a website, I was eager to help and provide and maintain a platform to support the children.

Sebastian Schredt


When I heard from Irina about Saam, I was completely convinced by the idea! Because unlike me, it is not possible for these children to get a basic education and freely shape their future. When I personally experienced what my donations were used for and the impact it had, I wanted to be a part of this exciting journey.