Our new partner school: Zama Educare

November 2021 – we have a second partner school – zama educare

Through Chantel, the principal of Pitter Patter Educare, Irina was able to get in touch with ZAMA Educare. As with Pitter Patter, COVID-19 has left extreme traces. The school lacks the financial means to buy the most important equipment for the school. There is a lack of chairs, desks, and school supplies. In addition, many parents can not pay the school fees, which unfortunately leads to the fact that Thulani, the principal, lacks the money to buy food for the children. 

As a first step, we have therefore provided Thulani with the financial means to equip the school with chairs and tables and to buy a new cooking pot.  

We are extremely proud that Thulani and her school are now part of our team and look forward to supporting them in the future!