Meine Story

„Ich hatte die Chance, das Land als Touristin, Studentin und freiwillige Helferin in einem Township zu erleben. Das Land und seine einzigartigen Menschen haben mich auf eine unglaubliche Weise geprägt. Die Arbeit mit den Kindern im Township hat mir gezeigt, dass alles was ich an Ausbildung geniessen darf und durfte alles andere als selbstverständlich ist. Ich durfte unglaubliche Persönlichkeiten kennengelernt, ihre Kultur erlebt und vieles über ihre Bräuche erfahren. Nun möchte ich ihnen etwas zurückgeben und helfen!“


Saam Education is a progressive NGO working closely with local schools in underdeveloped regions in South Africa. Our mission is to enable children living in a rather unpleasant socio-economic environment to receive a basic education.

By constantly exchanging information with local partner schools, we have the power to focus on individual school issues and develop solution-oriented projects. For this reason, a weekly exchange with the partner schools is mandatory. This does not only allow us to ensure transparency but also to give the donor as many insights as possible into the progress of the project. Donors have the opportunity to support projects of their choice and can thus achieve an extremely high impact.

Our mission is oriented towards the Sustainable Development Goal Number 4 defined by the United Nations. We also believe that education should be accessible to everyone. In order to overcome these inequalities, we aim to create a path towards inclusive education for every child.

Every member works on a voluntary basis and is very committed; one hundred percent of every donation goes to the projects.