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Vintage market at the formatio

The graduating classes of the formatio private school in Triesen organized a vintage market together with us in their last week of school. The motto: Students help students. As motivation, Gianna and Vanessa gave a presentation showing who Saam Education is and what the money is used for. Gianna was there all week on site and answered questions, sorted clothes and helped set up and run the event. The classes also provided food and entertainment. A lot of clothes were donated, but we couldn't sell them all. We therefore donated some of the remaining clothes to the Liechtenstein relief organization. Gianna and the students packed 13 packages and sent them by post directly to our partner schools.

We had an incredibly great week with formatio and are looking forward to many more projects together!

Watch the aftermovie of the vintage market here. The video was created and edited independently by the formatio students!



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