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Monthly support

Due to the expansion of the partner schools, the monthly fix costs such as electricity, food, wages and material costs have increased. Together with the principals, however, we have decided to not increase the school fees, as most parents are already struggling to pay them. Hence, this creates a financial gap that the schools cannot cover by themselves.

Therefore, we have launched the "Monthly Support" project to close this gap. With CHF 35 per month you can help us to cover the monthly costs.

"We have complete trust in the Saam Education team and are always well informed about which projects or works are currently being realized. Our financial contribution goes straight to where it is needed." Anja and Michael (supporters since June 2023)

"I've supported Saam since day one because there are great people behind this project. You are constantly informed about all the changes and know exactly what the donated money is being used for." Michelle (supporter since September 2021)



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