monthly support

Support our partnerschools with a monthly donation of 35 chf/eur


Do you know the difference you can make with 35CHF/EUR ?
Regardless of your answer, from our perspective as Saam Education and our partnerschools the impact is immense! 

Besides financing great infrastructure projects, we are also helping our partner schools to cover their various monthly costs. With our financial support they are able to buy food for the children, pay the electricity bill, purchase things they are lacking or broken for the classrooms or the kitchen, and lastly to pay the teachers’ wages.

To assure we can support them on a regular basis we are looking for supporters who sign up for our “monthly supporters project”. With only 35 CHF/EUR per month you can help us and eventually the schools to cover ongoing costs and assure our partnerschools financial stability.

“Sometimes it’s the little things that make a big difference” 

To become part of the monthly supporters, you can simply set up a standing order of 35.-, which will be transferred on the 25th of each month. Because of the transaction fees, we will then make a quarterly transfer to our partner schools so that they can cover the upcoming costs.

We thank you for your generous support! If you would like to receive regular news about the use of the donations, please contact us by e-mail.





We support our partner schools not only financially through donations, we also send packages with clothes, shoes and toys to Cape Town as often as we can. About one year after the first package which we sent in April 2021, we have been able to send 23 packages and 350kg by mail to South Africa!

To be able to maintain this kind of support, we are always happy to receive donations of clothes. To directly  support our schools, children’s clothes are of course ideal. But with adult clothes we can also support the community of Dunoon, which is also very close to our hearts. So we are happy about any kind of clothing donations!

If you have clothes or toys, please sign up via the button in our list. Currently we send packages to South Africa every three months (February, May, August and November).

We will contact you as soon as we plan new packages: